Tables with a view

Before we even start eating, a table must seduce us and awaken our appetite. Moving out of the kitchen, its historic domain, Revol has taken on tableware with all the confidence of a firm that has never stopped drawing on its heritage to make itself more accessible.


This subtle constellation of plates and crockery brings an otherwordly poetry to the dining table. Named after the astronomical phenomenon, it suits light, audacious cooking. Inspired by Asian aesthetics, the plates and dishes inspire boldness and culinary reinvention. No one will tire of using them to create unique dishes that will bring to life their delicate shades.
Offered in pepper, cirrus blue, cast-iron effect and cumulus white, Équinoxe pieces bear a fine line engraved into the enamel by hand, elegantly tracing their outline.



Drawn by hand by mould makers and created by expert hands, the sinuous veins of this collection evoke the complex patterns of wood grain. These pieces, Revol’s first tableware collection, pay homage to the life force of Mother Nature. The organic motif showcases skills that draw deeply from the earth that nourishes us.


Lion-headed soup bowl, old-school egg dishes, pleated ramekins… Drawing on its archives, Revol has revisited the past to design a collection that pays homage to French regional gastronomy.
As well as classic white objects, tasteful contemporary finishes such as Pepper – a subtle shading resulting from a skilful removal of the porcelain’s glazing – and the cast-iron effect bring a modern spin to even the most traditionally inspired meals.


The first ceramic collection made from mass-dyed black paste, Basalt is one of Revol’s major creations. Though it imitates the rough appearance of tiles traditionally used for cheese platters, Basalt is generally better-performing. Neither porous nor crumbly, and highly resistant, non-enamelled black ceramic is a much sought after material for essential instruments. Cutting boards and practical crockery are always useful and impress at dining tables.


Created by design studio Färg & Blanche and developed in partnership with Editor of Design(s) Petite Friture, this collection of plates and crockery seems to take the material to its limits. The porcelain looks as if it has been tied up with string that has left indelible imprints during the firing. The result is a unique, poetic texture in which the porcelain seems to bloom in spite of its constraints.



Celadon Green, Citrus Yellow, Stratus Grey and Capucine Orange: planes of rich colour applied using a specific glazing technique liven up any gourmet break. Designed by Revol’s in-house design team, the Color Lab range of plates, cups and boards bring a light, whimsical feel to the table.