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Cocotte with lid, Eclipse grey

Belle Cuisine

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"Cocotte" or casseroles in English and part of the French cuisine classic pieces that can do anything from bake a piece of dish, roast a filet mignon or serve an onion soup. They are also perfectly suitable for eggs en cocotte, chicken pot pie, cherry pie or mini fondue. Be creative! Revol's eclipse cocotte are sturdy, durable, they don't chip, don't brake easily, they bake evenly and they are naturally non-stick.
SERVING SUGGESTIONS: individual baked eggs, chicken pot pie, cherry pie, individual stews, soups and gratins.

Try our last high technological cocotte : Revolution!


Eclipse is the colorful alternative to Belle cuisine, an iconic collection of REVOL which includes a selection of bakers. Eclipse range offers mainly individual bakers for small portions. They are made of black clay with a half grey or red glaze. Eclipse has the same benefits than the Belle Cuisine pieces:

  • STRONG: Sturdy one-block handles providing grip and safety
  • EASY CARE: extremely easy to clean, dishwasher safe
  • FOOD SAFE: Non-porous, 100% hygienic
  • OVEN AND MICROWAVE SAFE up to 572F, can accommodates many cooking styles and uses. Also freezer safe.
  • OVEN TO TABLE: bake and serve your vegetables, lasagnas, casseroles and more with one dish
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