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Belle Cuisine black cast iron style square baking dish 2 sizes

Belle Cuisine

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Belle cuisine is a collection of baking dishes, ramekins, soufflés and casseroles that all have handles. These black porcelain square bakers look like cast-iron cookware but they are light, easy to handle and easy to wash. They come in 2 different sizes: individual and family size. They resist thermal and mechanical shocks. Enjoy an efficient and uniform heating process to bake all type of veggies, pastas, casseroles or desserts. The handles of Belle cuisine pieces are cast in the same mold so they are strong and sturdy. The beauty of the dishes will remain use after use; they do not scratch, do not craze and will remain as beautiful and elegant through countless dishwasher cycles. Also available in white. SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Roast & bake any type of meat, vegetables, pasta. Casseroles, gratins, desserts.  
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