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Escargot dish 6 or 12 holes. Belle cuisine white

Belle Cuisine

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If you are looking for the prefect escargot dish for baking and serving: durable, light, easy to wash, oven and microwave safe, sturdy and elegant… you will be pleased with this Belle cuisine escargot holder! Use this specialty pan to bake snails with or without their shell with some garlic, parsley and a lot of butter which you can put in the White butter pot French Classique or in the butter bulter, in the Elisabeth's every days essential collection. This is the most traditional way to make the “escargots a la Bourguignonne”! Porcelain holds the heat for a longer time so your food will stay warm during your meal. Enjoy this classic French dish with 6 or 12 holes.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Prepare, bake and serve snails. 



Belle cuisine is an iconic collection of REVOL: it includes a selection of baking dishes (rectangular, square and individual bakers, cocottes and crème brulee dishes) of different sizes and colors – all with the same iconic handle. Almost every baking dish is available in white (white clay with a glossy glaze) or black (black clay with a cast iron “look” glaze). Most of the pieces also come in the Eclipse version – black clay with a half grey or red glaze. This is what you must know about Belle Cuisine:

  • STRONG: Sturdy one-block handles providing grip and safety
  • EASY CARE: extremely easy to clean, dishwasher safe
  • FOOD SAFE: Non-porous, 100% hygienic
  • OVEN AND MICROWAVE SAFE up to 572F, can accommodates many cooking styles and uses. Also freezer safe.
  • OVEN TO TABLE: bake and serve your vegetables, lasagnas, casseroles and more with one dish


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