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French Classics chicken roaster seychelles yellow

French Classics

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This unique chicken roaster will be the talk of the party when you bring it to the table full of delicious food. Whether it’s used for family meals or casual dinners with friends, everyone is sure to love it for its adorable style and practical use. The baking dish is just the right size to roast a whole chicken and the curvature of the dish allows for even roasting every time. Everyone at the table will enjoy a tasty, moist chicken with crispy skin. There is plenty of room for vegetables to accompany the chicken and the beak of the dish acts as a gravy pourer, making the dish not only attractive but also practical. Just like all dishes by REVOL, the chicken roaster is made of culinary porcelain that is durable and easy to clean because it is dishwasher safe. The baking dish will retain heat for about an hour after you remove it from the oven, making the perfect serving dish for healthy dinners and more. This special gift comes in 4 colors and 2 sizes and will make the list of best gifts you’ve given because it’s as fun as it is useful. You can put your sauce in the fat and lean sauce boat. SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Roast a whole chicken with vegetables, serve a family salad, use it as a baking dish, decorate your table by using it as a fruit bowl, and more.
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