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Basalt matt slate style small bowls 3 sizes


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mini bowl can do a big impression on your table! Revol small black porcelain bowl can hold your best butter recipes, colorful spices, oil and vinegar for the tastiest and unique tasting… It is the perfect tasting size, for hot or cold food, and prep size, to organize your ingredients to easily execute your favorite recipe. Can also be used for cake creations. Part of our slate stone look Basalt collection, this bowl is dishwasher safe, and non-porous, allowing you to switch the flavors, as often as you would like to. On top of its modern look imitating slate, our black ceramic is 100% food safe and environment friendly, oven, microwave, and freezer safe. Your condiments won’t stay unnoticed! Available in two sizes: 2.75oz and 8.75oz. This mini bowl is perfect on the rectangular tray with 3 indents platter Basalt.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: salts (sea, kosher, Himalayan…), peppers, spices, herbs, olive oil tasting, butter



Basalt is one of the bestselling collections of REVOL. Created to imitate slate, this line includes a large range of trays, platters and boards that look exactly the same than slate but will perform better.

  • BETTER THAN SLATE: Basalt looks like slate but does not have all the inconvenience. It won't scratch, absorbs neither fat nor odors (basalt is 100% non-porous) and is resistant to chipping
  • FOOD FRIENDLY: cadmium and lead free, it will not chip like slate does
  • MADE TO LAST: Hyper-resistant to thermal and mechanical shock – oven and microwave save
  • MULTIPLE USE: suitable for all salts, peppers, spices and herbs
  • EASY CARE – dishwasher safe


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Anthony Y.
le 26/02/2021

These bowls are terrific. I purchased two large and two medium which are a great size for dips, spreads, and sauces. They are very versatile as they are oven, freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe.

Elliott P.
le 26/09/2020

Love these bowls, we weren’t 100% sure if we would like these based on the pictures in the website, but they are really great. It’s a little unusual at first getting used to the surface texture which is a bit rough, but this is not an issue whatsoever, shuts a change from our smooth plates before. We love the look and feel of these now, it makes every meal and snack feel elevated, which is just really fun. Only had these for about a week so far, but as of now they have been holding up to all of the guarantees Revol gives on them. Great design, great craftsmanship, and I love that they are such nice quality and from a country other than China... Thank you Revol for your artistry and contribution to the world!