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French Classics black cast iron style lion head soup bowl 2 sizes

French Classics

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Lion head soup bowls are elegant soup bowls with two lion heads on each side for a very elegant and traditional look. Crafted for centuries, get the best version of this pattern: made of French porcelain, in our French factories in France, we offer two versions of the lion head soup bowl, white and black. Because they are made of porcelain they hold the heat for a longer time that any other material… which is very important while serving soup! They are oven and microwave safe. They also go on the dishwasher. Black will be perfect to serve colorful soups and they will look stunning on the table! 

Holds 12.25oz or 15.75oz

Also available in white.

You love the nature? You should like our imitation wood soup bowl Arborescence, available in three colors.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Present and serve soups or hot beverages like hot chocolate or even coffee.


French Classics collection includes all the basics for French cooking (like ramekins, lion-head soup bowls, eared dishes) but also everyday essentials dinnerware (white dinner plates, bowls and mugs) as well as some baking essentials (roasting dishes, poultry dishes) and cruets.

  • HIGH PERFORMING: porcelain classics are sturdy, resistant to thermal and mechanical shock
  • OVEN TO TABLE: line for baking (oven and microwave up to 572 degrees) and serving purposes
  • EASY CARE: extremely easy to clean, dishwasher safe
  • MULTIPLE USE: basics for baking, serving, preparing or presenting any type of preparation


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Teresa B.
le 21/01/2021

ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS smooth black cast iron soup bowls. The lion head is a work of art. Very detailed. Please NEVER STOP making these Revol! They are classics and the nicest French Onion soup bowls (or any soup) that one could serve in. I bought 6 for now, but hope to have another 6 in the future, so keep these in your catalogue please! Thanks...

Anonymous A.
le 15/10/2019

Excellent product and high quality look and feel. I hope to order four more!