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Revolution round dutch oven lime green ø8.75" induction


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Revolution Dutch ovens are an excellent alternative to cast iron Dutch oven. Their uniqueness resides in the fact they are made of ceramic so they are lighter, strong, beautiful, easy care and versatile. This round Dutch oven, with a green lid, is suitable for every heat source including induction, stove-top, electric top, oven and microwave. It can also go in the freezer and it is dishwasher safe. Creating a casserole that has all the properties of ceramic and the resistance and durability of any other cookware was a real challenge our laboratory teams took over and embraced it during 2 years. And the result is stunning! Revolution cocottes allow you to cook, simmer, boil, bake and braise any type of meat, vegetables or pasta preparation. Not only they are resistant to thermal and mechanical shock: they also ensure a perfect even baking of your food. The off-white base will remain as white even use after use because it’s surface is completely non-porous, preventing it from browning. You will enjoy its natural non-stick finish that helps a lot while cooking. The lid has small dots that allow an easier condensation process. So much more than a design piece, this casserole is a unique product you will use every day in the kitchen and in the dining room. Note that ceramic is a natural material so it does not contain any heavy metals or toxins which make the dish 100% food friendly. The size is 2.6QT good to serve 4 people. Revolution is definitely the best dutch oven you can find on the market, and will last for years. You want more colors, more sizes? See the whole colorful collection ! SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Stews, soup, pasta, rice, meats, bread  
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