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Revolution round dutch oven 3.75QT glass lid ø10.25"


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Revolution is an elegant version, of high-multi-function ceramic Dutch oven. Elegance comes from the design and look of it: everything is off-white ceramic. Meant to be used in the kitchen and brought to the table, you get the performance of an utilitarian casserole and the beauty of a serving piece. The high-performance property comes from the features and benefits offered by the ceramic clay specially developed by Revol. This cocotte can be used in the stovetop, electric, oven and microwave (without the lid). Can also go in the freezer and it is dishwasher safe. Resistant to thermal and mechanical shock and twice lighter than cast iron, Revolution is perfect for stews, soups, rice, pasta, meats and bread. See-through glass lid. Thanks to its natural coating, the casserole is very easy to clean and it can also go in the dishwasher. So bring modernity and elegance TO your kitchen and table when preparing and serving dishes. This round cocotte holds 3.75QT. THIS VERSION IS NOT SUITABLE FOR INDUCTION SERVING SUGGESTION:Casseroles, vegetables, stews, meats, gratins
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