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Dinner plate ø11", 4 colors, Equinoxe


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Looking for beautiful ceramic dinnerware, plates that you won't have to replace in a few months? Equinoxe is a new range of plates, dinnerware, bowls and serving pieces by REVOL that are very resistant to all type of chocs (thermal or physical). Each piece is made of culinary porcelain dyed in the mass in black. And even if they are finished by hand, they are oven and microwave safe. The enamel is left only on the used section, the contour of the plate is then removed which leads to the appearance of a thin black contour. The dinner plate is a unique piece that will awake your imagination! The colors are very innovative, there are 4 of them. Cirrus blue is made of 2 enamels, blue and white that create nuances and balance with a glossy finish. The pepper white is subtle and has a satin, sleek, mat finish. And for the black version, the enamel is sprayed on the pieces for a textural mat effect on the used part only of the plate. NEW WHITE COLOR - black clay and light white glaze. NOTE THAT PLATES ARE HANDMADE AND COLORS CAN VARY FROM ONE PLATE TO ANOTHER

Also available in sets of 4. 

See how to plate like a professional here. 

Equinoxe is a dinnerware line inspired by the Equinoxe – this magical moment when winter becomes spring and when summer turns into autumn. Inspired by the planets, the moon and the seasons, Equinoxe is deep in colors, textures and lights.

  • Every plate is made of black clay and is glazed ONLY in the inside of the plate – raw material on the outside – finished with a nice back contour
  • Available in 4 colors: Pepper (matte and satiny grey finish); Cumulus White (shiny glossy white finish), Cast iron style (unique and modern textured black) and Cirrus blue (deep and glossy variations of blue).
  • Each piece is unique and colors may vary.
  • Note that every piece is oven and microwave safe and dishwasher safe. They do not scratch and are resistant to mechanical shocks.
  • The range includes dinner plates, dessert plates, bowls and mugs. Also available in large serving dishes (bowls and platters) as well as a dim sum set
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Kimberly D.
le 03/01/2021

In pepper is beautiful

Omar B.
le 18/12/2020

Nice black plates, though expensive and their texture makes them flatware unfriendly.

Jim Z.
le 16/12/2020

The product is very nice. The glazing color was more gray on the Salt and Pepper product than on the website and the unfinished bottom is much rougher than I had anticipated. Otherwise, I really like it.

Kyle K.
le 13/09/2019

Very nice