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Equinoxe large coupe plate ø10.75", 4 colors


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Equinoxe is a new range of ceramic dinnerware, plates, bowls and serving pieces by REVOL that are oven to table like all our other collections. The 'coupe' shape is a very fashionable shape. Unlike a plate, the coupe allows to serve and present dishes with sauce, pasta, soup, rice, stews or anything that doesn't require too much cutting. Available in different sizes, this is the larger version. Each piece is hand-finished: only the used section is enameled, the enamel is removed from plate contour which leads to the appearance of a thin black contour for a very elegant finish. They are very sturdy and they are oven and microwave use. They don't scratch and they can be used in the dish washer. 4 colors are available. Cirrus blue which is made of 2 enamels, blue and white, creating a nice range of glossy nuances of blue. The pepper white is subtle and has a satin, sleek, mat finish. The black version, the enamel is sprayed on the pieces for a textural mat effect on the used part only of the plate. NOTE THAT PLATES ARE HANDMADE AND COLORS CAN VARY FROM ONE PLATE TO ANOTHERThe NEW white enamel is lighter than the pepper.Mix and match.
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