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Retour CLEARANCE 2021

Color Lab tea cup, 6 colors

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Each one of these adorable Revol coffee cups was colored by hand: working with a set of skills that have been transmitted since 1768, in the enamel studio, the expert hands of the enameler immerses ¾ of the porcelain piece in its color bath. Color Lab collection includes coffee cups, tea cups and boards. They are resistant to heat and dishwasher. They can be used as a classic coffee cup or as a small ramekin! Available in 6 new colors.


COLOR LAB is meant for brunch, tea time or coffee time. Made of white clay, half dipped into glaze, these colorful pieces are part of a fun, playful collection. This is what you must know about color lab:

  • Collection of diverse plates, mugs and boards dipped into smooth colors
  • Every piece can be stacked and will be elegance, discretion and warmth
  • Oven and microwave safe. Dishwasher safe.
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