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Our crumple cup collection is basically a set of coffee mugs or tea cups that look like they are made of plastic like the solo cup that someone smashed a little… they feel actually very comfortable in the hand and they can be used for many different purposes! To serve all type of drinks but also to bake cake creations and serve mousses or ice cream. Sometimes imitated, never equaled. There is now only one real crumpled cup, this one marked the Revol logo. Many enthusiasts worldwide collect this small object so cute now declined in 24 colors, 24 sets and proposed in 9 different sizes from ristretto to the champagne bucket. And many building projects are on their way ... so be patient!

This color is available only in 1 size: 6.25 oz

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Serve espresso, molten chocolate cake, small crumbles, cremes, frozen deserts


REVOL’s CRUMPLED CUP collection is iconic, unique, unapologetic and fun. Available in different colors and sizes, the crumpled cups are meant to drink anything, eat anything or simply as a decorative item. In a few facts:

  • Fun design: created to imitate a paper cup “mashed” into someone’s hand
  • Hand made in France
  • Oven and microwave safe: bake in them
  • Dishwasher safe
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