gift guides 2018



you can now create a registry list via All you have to do is click on the “ADD TO REGISTRY” button located on the product page of the product you would like to add, and create a new registry or add the product to a registry you may already have. gives you the flexibility to choose items from any store in the world—whether it be a local mom and pop shop or a national chain superstore. REVOL is now one of the stores you can pick items from. This is the perfect way to add REVOL to your next wedding, birthday or any other gift registry.

gifts for dad


Find a selection of REVOL cookware for your sweetheart boyfriend or husband, especially if he loves to cook, bake and surprise dinners! Pick a black piece like Belle Cuisine or the Pig roaster – with their cast-iron look; they add a dramatic touch to the cooking while being lighter than cast iron. Let yourself tempted by a Basalt piece that is great to use for steaks, cheeses and pizzas – anything from cold or cook. Last but not least, to impress your loved one, have him try the REVOLUTION cookware


mom gifts


Is your loved one a magic cook? Do you fall in love (again) when she makes you something special? We have put together a selection of Gifts for her that are all great ways to thank her for her the love and the care she gives you every day. Every piece is carefully crafted in France and is meant to be used many many times. Pick a timeless Belle Cuisine baker for her everyday baking! The best baking piece to be found that is so easy to clean. If you are looking for some new dinnerware, give her the best with the pure white set of 16 pieces, or a more colorful option with Color lab. If her specialty is baking cakes, try the Les Naturels baking dishes such as the square, the bread loaf pan or the pie dish.


gifts under $30


REVOL has selected for you a few items that are all under $30 such as cups, bowls and saucers. Cups and bowls can be used to drink, eat or simply store small items such as makeup, jewelry, keys or crayons. Pick among different styles such as the crumpled cups for a funky and modern twist, the Color lab cups for espresso or tea available in 6 colors. And if you are looking for a natural touch, go for the Arborescence cups that also come in 2 sizes. Find the right gift here! 


gifts under $75


There are many options to choose from items that are under $75. Pick the best REVOL piece for your loved one: a baking piece – belle cuisine, chicken roaster, or madeleine pans. You can also choose a serving piece like the beautiful Color lab Salad bowl, or the slate look like Basalt plates or the Equinoxe Oval plate. Or pick a set of 4 crumpled cups for a fun and unique gift. Browse them here!