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Basalt matt slate style steak plate curved edges


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You want to reproduce a steak house ambiance in your own kitchen? Get those steak plates with curved edges perfect to serve and present your steak or your burger. Curved ends for easy grip. The plates have an indent to place a small ramekin and serve sauces, spices or compoung butter. The beauty of this slate stone look plate is one thing, but the practicity of it needs to be mentioned here: because it is made of culinary porcelain, the dish is non porous and can resist high temperatures (up to 500F), low temeprature (freezer) and dishwasher. Get 2 to impress your loved-on, get 4 to impress your family or 6 to impress your guests! SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Bake and serve your steak, burger or grilled fish.
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