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Retour Dinnerware

Set of 16 pieces Arborescence Liquorice


New product

This Arborescence set of 16 pieces dinnerware porcelain is a new set that will be a beautiful gift for you or anyone who likes natural, rustic, beach-look. Made of strong culinary porcelain, the Arborescence dinnerware set is oven and microwave safe and also dishwasher safe. Each piece is finished by hand. The Liquorice color is a dark black, with some contrast and texture that will match easily with everything else. The set includes: 4 dinner plates 10.5", 4 dessert plates 8.5", 4 breakfast bowls Ø6" H3.75" (21.25oz) and 4 mugs Ø3.75" H4.25" (8.75oz). Also available in open stock.
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