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Part of the Collectors’ edition of the Equinoxe range with its chic but timeless, pared-back design, the Ocean Vibes finish bears witness to the inspiration our artisan decorators found in the movements of the ocean. Each plate is hand-decorated, making your dining table stand out and giving it great visual appeal. Thanks to its flat base, this coupe plate available in 24cm and 27cm versions works well with an array of dishes, especially those with a jus, sauce or coulis.

Used as individual pieces, paired with other finishes from the range – cotton-white, midnight blue or cirrus blue – or used all over the table, the Ocean Vibes finish will delight your guests with its vividness. Revol’s technical expertise in making its non-porous, hygienic and long-lasting black ceramic paste makes this a reassuring bet for daily use.

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