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Set of 4 French Classics white individual chicken roasters

French Classics

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Adorable set of 4 chicken roaster white. To be used as ramekins, souffles dishes, side dishes or anything else. Available in red, black and yellow.


French Classics collection includes all the basics for French cooking (like ramekins, lion-head soup bowls, eared dishes) but also everyday essentials dinnerware (white dinner plates, bowls and mugs) as well as some baking essentials (roasting dishes, poultry dishes) and cruets.

  • HIGH PERFORMING: porcelain classics are sturdy, resistant to thermal and mechanical shock
  • OVEN TO TABLE: line for baking (oven and microwave up to 572 degrees) and serving purposes
  • EASY CARE: extremely easy to clean, dishwasher safe
  • MULTIPLE USE: basics for baking, serving, preparing or presenting any type of preparation
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