Elizabeth KarmelAmerican Chef & Cookbook Author

“As many of you know, I fell in love with Revol as I explored the commercial kitchen shops of Paris when I was a student living abroad. Little did I know that we would meet many years later and I would have the opportunity to translate their beautiful heritage and functionality into a collection that reflects the way that we cook and entertain in America.

Elizabeth’s Everyday Essentials is my passion project! It is a collection born of a love of food, of cooking, of entertaining, of people, and a love of France. It has been a dream and a joy to work with everyone at Revol who have embraced my interpretation of their centuries-old craft. And, it is meant to be used everyday. Revol porcelain is beautiful, but not fragile. It is not only dishwasher safe, but dishwasher friendly! I love the gleam and glitter of clean Revol porcelain—it looks better than new every time I wash it!”

Buy it. Use it. Enjoy it Everyday!

Régis and Jacques MarconFather & Son, French Chefs, 3 Michelins Stars

Deep in the confines of the Haute-Loire and the Haute-Ardèche, in the small village of Saint-bonnet-le-Froid, Régis and Jacques Marcon capture nature’s diversity in their creations. It has now been almost 20 years since we met Régis and passionately shared with him our love of quality products and hand-made artisanal work. Today, Jacques has joined his father, Régis. It is with great pleasure that we continue to grow together.

Mariana DelubacPrivate Chef, France

"Blending flavors, marrying unusual aromas, discovering new flavors and sharing all this love for cooking every day : this is my job.

At Revol, I discovered an entire unique universe, that inspired me and allowed me to expand my creativity. I was captivated by these beautiful innovative, functional and versatile products. Lines that evolve and reinvent themselves day after day, like my cooking style does!

Be inspired, discover your own culinary world, dare creativity, simplicity and let’s get cooking !!!"

Eric BerthèsFrench Designer

Our will to innovate, to stand out and to respond to the constant evolution of cooking and table service has become Revol’s trademark. Life’s beautiful chance encounters have led us to Eric Berthès. He is part of a new generation of designers that knows how to give shape to the manufacturer’s vision and transform words into beautiful and functional objects.