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  • Molten chocolate cake in REVOLUTION

Molten chocolate cake in REVOLUTION


350 g dark chocolate Valrhona 
100 g unsalted butter + 20 g for the cocotte
100 g heavy whipping cream
5 eggs
100 g granulated sugar + 30 g for the cocotte
30 g white flour
2 pinches cinnamon


Pour some water into the Revolution cocotte, add in the double boiler section, and add to that the chocolate, broken into pieces. Heat on low so that the chocolate melts slowly, smooth it with a spatula, and then add the cream and 100 g of butter off the heat, stirring constantly. Cool the cocotte.
With an electric beater, beat the eggs (whole) with 100 g of sugar. When the mixture is very frothy, add the flour, and finally the melted chocolate mixture.
Butter the cooled Revolution cocotte and sprinkle it with sugar. Pour the batter into the cocotte and bake for 30 minutes at 180°C/350°F. Those with a sweet tooth may not be able to wait for the fondant to cool down before enjoying.