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  • Onion soup revisted

Onion soup revisted


3 onions
20cl (6.7oz) of liquid whole cream
A whipper
1 cartridge for whipper
1 slice of bread
10g (0.7oz) of parmesan


Fry 3 chopped onions and let them sweat for 3 minutes in the pan.  Out of heat, pour the liquid cream and let the onion steep for ten minutes. Drain the onions and keep the cream. Pour the cream into a whipper. Prepare your whipper with a gas cartridge. Shake the whipper and let stand 5 minutes.

On a slice of bread, place grated Parmesan cheese and bake in grill position for 5 minutes at 400F until bread and cheese brown.

Pour your mousse into a tureen by activating the whipper. Place your slice of bread to soak in your onion mousse. Enjoy your meal !