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  • Rabbits and large iced cake
  • Rabbits and large iced cake
  • Rabbits and large iced cake
  • Rabbits and large iced cake
  • Rabbits and large iced cake

Rabbits and large iced cake


For the cake
1 plain yogurt
use the yogurt jar to measure - 1/2 pot of neutral oil (like sunflower oil)
3 jars of flour
1/2 jar of powdered sugar
3 eggs
1 packet of dry yeast
Optional: chocolate chips, lemon rind, vanilla

For the decor:
1 ¼ cup of icing sugar
1 egg white
Sugar pastilles
Powdered coconut
Sheets of unleavened dough
Eatable sugar candies


Preheat your oven to 356F. Pour the yogurt into a bowl and use the pot as a measure for the other ingredients. Add the flour, sugar, yeast, eggs and oil and mix well. Butter your Revol Color lab cups. Pour the mixture into your cups and bake for 15 to 20 minutes. Wait a few minutes after exiting the oven before unmolding. Put a knife around the cake to ease the unmolding. Let your cakes cool completely.

Prepare the icing by mixing the f icing sugar with 1 egg white. Turn over your cakes and put them back in the Revol Color Lab cups and pour the icing on them. You can let the icing dry and pour a little more for glossier effect.
You can also soak your cakes into the frosting and then roll them in grated coconut.

Put the cakes back into the cups and decorate your rabbits with sugar candies that you can glue with some glaze. Cut out ears in Sheets of unleavened dough and plant delicately.

If you want to make this recipe as a larger cake, double the quantities and make 2 cakes that you will place one on top of the other. Then, make twice the amount of icing and cover the 2 cakes with the glazing by smoothing the surface with a spatula.

See the recipe here.