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  • Salmon Gravlax by Pourquoi je grossis

Salmon Gravlax by Pourquoi je grossis


1.3 lbs of fresh salmon fillet (without scales, without bones and keeping the skin under the fish)
2.4 oz coarse sea salt
2.4 oz of sugar
2 table spoons of pink berries
2 tablespoons pepper (whole and crushed)
1 bunch of fresh dill


Place the salmon fillet (after rinsing it and gently drying it with absorbent paper) in a large, deep dish. Mix in a bowl salt, sugar, pink berries and pepper. Cover the fish with this mixture and gently squeeze it against its flesh. Now cover with a generous layer of dill (you can also renew the layers twice). Cover and place a heavy plate over it to squeeze the fish. Refrigerate and marinate for at least 24 hours (up to 30 hours). Before serving, remove the fish from the dish, pass under the water quickly to remove all that covers it. Dry it gently with absorbent paper. When serving, slice the salmon on a board (and remove the skin if it does not come off by itself). Present on a dish thin slices with sprigs of dill, pink berries, pepper and lemon or accompany the slices of a nice salad.

Recipe and picture by Pourqoi je grossis