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Retour Dinnerware

Dinner plate ø10.5", 3 colors, Arborescence


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The generosity and audacity of nature has been a source of inspiration for our craft-workers at the factory. It drove our quest for harmony of shapes, materials and colors. Arborescence was born! A collection of dinner plates, bowls and mugs to enhance a dining experience. This dinner plate 10.5", slightly smaller than the large dinner plate, is perfect for a simple yet elegant dinner! Either chosen to be an accent piece or as part of the entire collection, Arborescence dinner plate will make its effect on the table. As every other REVOL creation, they are dishwasher and oven safe. Available in Ivory, Liquorice or Pepper. NOTE THAT PLATES ARE HANDMADE AND COLORS CAN VARY FROM ONE PLATE TO ANOTHERSUGGESTIONS: use as a dinner plate or a presentation plate 
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