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With this round ceramic casserole dish with a diameter of 22 cm and a capacity of 240 cl you can make superb presentations on the dining table or buffet. The original design of this practical product means you can reheat and serve in the same dish. Cooking quality in this Revolution casserole dish is outstanding thanks to its enamel, with the flavours and nutritional qualities of the food completely preserved. This 240 cl ceramic casserole dish from the Revolution range will meet all the chef's needs. Can be used in the oven or freezer, with gas or induction hobs, and is great for maintaining food temperature.

Revolution2 was designed with a perfectly flat base allowing for the cocotte to maintain direct contact with the induction system, or with cold and hot zones of your buffet.This design offers more reliability of use, whatever your induction system may be.

The stainless steel handle gives the dish a modern touch. It guarantees both a perfect grip, and incomparable durability.

It has an ideal format for serving a dish for three people: risotto, veal sauté, gratin dauphinois, macaroni cheese, chicken Basque, ratatouille, mixed vegetables, pasta, innovative chicken tajine, filet mignon, etc. This dish is also perfect for Alpine recipes: tartiflette, croziflette, fondue... In a buffet, you can use this dish to serve sauces, condiments, cereals and soups. Its shallow format is perfect to make buffet service easier and its perfectly flat base maintains your buffets at the right temperature.

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