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Revolution 2 round ceramic cookware satin black induction 3 sizes


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This ceramic cookware is the best Dutch oven you can find in the market, especially if you are looking for something made of healthy materials for a healthy cooking. Made of high-performing porcelain, REVOLUTION 2 is suitable for induction, stove, oven and microwave. The white base is made of strong ceramic clay, 100% food safe that does not release any chemicals or any other toxins. Because it is non porous, nothing is absorbed by the dish, even after many dishes made, and after many dishwasher cycles. Twice lighter than cast iron, your casserole does not need any special seasoning, will not scratch nor rust and will cook and bake your food respecting their nutritional content. The lid is made of black porcelain and the stainless steel handle allows an easy grip. Available in 3 sizes 1.75QT is perfect to serve 2 people; 2.75QT is good to serve 4 people, and 3.75QT is perfect for up to 8 people. Revolution is definitely the best dutch oven you can find in the market, and will last for years. You want more colors, more sizes? See the whole colorful collection ! SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Stews, casseroles, meat, soup
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