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Basalt matt slate style square cheese board or cold appetizer plate 2 sizes


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These square cheese board will make your next cheese and wine entertaining soiree an elegant and unique gathering! Looking like a traditional slate stone, these Basalt serving platter are made of black porcelain, for a modern approach of the natural look that compliments cheese so well. Don’t fear stain, odors or bacteria: unlike slate, Revol porcelain is non-porous and dishwasher safe, perfect for an outdoor use. You can enjoy and cut the cheese directly on the tray: it doesn’t scratch. Make the best of this long-lasting product in several occasions. It is microwave, oven and freezer safe, and black all the way through so you don’t have to fear chipping. All the pieces are resistant to thermal and mechanical shocks which allows you to entertain with endless options: use them to display cold appetizers colorful savory or sweet bites, fruits, and bake your most indulging cookies… You can serve that with the colorful Crumple Cups or the Baslat mini bowl, for exemple. This square tray guarantees unique entertaining for your next party. Available in two sizes: 9.75 x 9.75 and 11.75 x 11.75.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Cheese presentation, nuts, grapes, cold meats, appetizers, grilled vegetables, small bites, sushi

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