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Vitalise your soups and bisques with the lion-headed soup bowl by Revol

For many years, soup tureens have been a part of Revol’s collections. These porcelain soup bowls are much appreciated by chefs around the world, not only for their style but also their comfort.  This Cette lion-headed soup bowl is an essential in your dinner service because Revol has created differnet sizes to better suit your needs. Revol has designed this elegant soup bowl which will preserve the temperature of your soups, bisques and vegetable moulinés for a long time. A soup bowl sure to catch the eye of your clients, bringing elegance to the buffet or dinner table. Revisit the deliciousness of soups, let your imagination run free from Grandmother’s traditional soup.  Soup lutée, lobster bisque, onion soup, … choose the lion-headed soup bowl for every recipe and choose from Revol’s  3 colour suggestions.

A lion-headed soup bowl, inviting you to express your creativity. 

Revol has added two colours to the traditional white in the lion-headed tureen range: pepper with its subtle faded effect, enhanced by its rough edge and cast-iron black. Mix the colours as you mix flavours and why not present your fruit salads for a buffet or mixed salads for a cocktail party in this lion-headed soup bowl?  Revol has refashioned its soup bowl, so take advantage !

The traditional porcelain lion-headed soup bowl; choose the size to meet your needs.

  • 3 colours (white, pepper, black) matching your tureen to your decoration and desires.

  • A soup bowl keeping its contents at the right temperature, for longer.

All the strength of porcelain for dishwasher, oven and freezer use.

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