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Madeleine pan cream or grey glaze Les naturels

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Rediscover a classic of the French Pastry repertory: the madeleine, a small sponge cake, but lighter, that has a distincitve shell-like shape aquired from using a special pan! REVOL's madeleine pan is made of porcelain and will ensure easy, small, crispy on the outside, molten in the inside madeleines. With it's natural non-stick finish, do not even worry about taking them off the mold. Les Naturels Madeleine baking pan is very easy to clean, goes on the dishwasher, goes from oven to table to the refrigerator, is totally eco-friendly and toxin-free. Very nice alternative to silicone.

Les naturels is a collection specially designed for pastry and baking! All pieces come in sesame grey color and they have a beautiful hound’s-tooth finish that reinforces the natural non-stick characteristic of the cake pans. Made of culinary porcelain, a noble and healthy material, molded and glazed in Revol’s factory, in the heart of St-Uze, each dish is suitable to make homemade pies, sumptuous clafoutis, sweet or savory cakes, moist madeleines, airy soufflés: seven different dishes to execute delicious recipes that have a traditional feel in a high-performing material.

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Serving suggestions: Madeleines

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