Caractère by Revol Porcelaine : the promise of an original culinary journey filled with sun and colours

Designed by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance, the collection stands out by its originality. The famous French designer has deployed his talents as a calligrapher to create a collection bearing witness to two centuries of craftsmanship. The uniqueness and daily life of the manufacture workshop are in the spotlight.



Caractère was born from the charcoal line, the symbol of all the collection. Months of painstaking research have been necessary to the Porcelain leader to result in the right thickness of the black clay line circling the pieces and the height of the edges. An ideal combination to guarantee elegance and airy effect on the dining table. Although the pieces have a straight edge and an irregular interior contour, they maintain a perfect regularity outside, thanks to the enamel removed by hand. The black clay subtly intersperses the pieces and the rhythm of their height perfectly describe the movement of a practised and developing gesture, a real choreography of craftmanship.

From the expresso cups to the salad bowl, Revol Porcelaine offers a complete service for the table.



Available in no fewer than six different sizes and different high edges, the Caractère plates will allow the chefs to express their creativity in their dishes. Cinnamon, turmeric, tonka… a range of six warm colours with the evocative names of spices for a culinary inspiration, to mix on the table for more originality and creativity. And a pure and gloss white colour to match the most contemporary decoration. The oval serving plates, available in a medium size and a bigger size as well are ideal to serve big dishes as well as whole fishes.

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Sensitive and talented creator, Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance is an artist praised by the critics and the recipient of a range of awards. He is the author of star items and spaces such as famous as the restaurant Sketch of London. As an outstanding storyteller, he was the perfect person to provide Revol a collection for the brand’s 250th anniversary : design combining Art and the technical orchestration of the beautiful industry set in the heart of the Drôme Valley and French Gastronomy.

You will be able to discover the full at Sirha expo in Lyon in January 2019.

Discover the video about Revol factory and the new Caractère collection bellow: