Balanced shapes, practical and timeless, with a little playful twist that makes it so endearing: the ‘‘Crumpled Cup’’ has become a must-have on gourmet tables. Its off-the-wall look lightens up the most formal of gatherings, while its sophisticated design fits in nicely with any home or dining table.


Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance is an outstanding storyteller, a sensitive and talented creator, praised by the critics and the recipient of a range of awards. The designer was chosen by Revol to provide a collection for the brand’s 250th anniversary, and took inspiration from the uniqueness and daily life of the Drôme workshop to give birth to ‘‘Caractère’’.
Like a calligrapher, he has deployed an alphabet made up of elemental shapes and designed a collection bearing witness to two centuries of craftsmanship.

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Each piece you buy illuminates the history of REVOL and highlights ​​an exceptional know-how. You, who refuses boredom, dares new ways of cooking, arranging and serving dishes... You inspire us and drives us every day to reinvent ourselves. Because you dare your style, you give our products this extra touch of soul.

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Since 1768, our family business has been motivated by its quest for beauty and function. The richness of our history is our first source of inspiration, and our boldness is at the service of our most beautiful culinary creations. Discover the secrets of this incredible longevity.

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