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SET TRAY 40,7X30,6CM - IBR


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Is it a serving tray or a display tray for your buffet?

With its ideal dimensions for serving or for self-service (40.7x30.6x2.5 cm), Revol has created a tray to attend not only to your needs but also to the appetites of your guests. Enhance the display of your smaller dishes by presenting them on this tray and then on your reception table. Or leave it at the disposal of your clients, allowing them to succumb to your audacious creativity and take away your buffet dishes. . The rim is neither too high to hide its content nor too low, thus ensuring convenient safety for all. This wood tray accentuates authenticity and the home-made aspect of your gourmet buffets and its light weight makes an ideal tray for your self-serve buffets.

The Revol serving tray, for a guaranteed personalised and adapted service

As for its porcelain creations, Revol's inspiration for this serving tray comes from the Chefs themselves, thus providing a solution to the most demanding restaurants:

  • A lightweight serving tray with ideal dimensions (40.7x30.6x2.5 cm).
  • A safety rim which nevertheless reveals the dishes that you have gone to great lengths to prepare.
  • A multi-purpose tray for serving or for self-serve buffets.
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