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    Created when two families of ceramicists came together, Revol has seen nine generations of leaders at the helm. Almost born, certainly raised, in the manufacture : Olivier Passot now embodies the destiny of Revol. As its 250th anniversary approaches, he tells its story with pride, finding in its long history the inspiration for modern production with an eye firmly on the future. According to Passot, past achievements are not an end, just experience ton inspire the future.
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  2. Song of the earth

    Prior to the discovery of the marriage contract of founders Pierre Revol and Madeleine Carrier, the story had it that it was their son Joseph Marie who started the firm. The lucky young man was said to have had a lightbulb moment one stormy day in 1789 after seeing thick white mud flowing through the streets of his home town, along with the rain. This chance discovery of kaolin, the basis of ceramics, was said to have led to the opening of the factory.

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  3. Transmission

    Transmission. This is the watchword that has been driving and motivating us for 250 years. Isn’t it a wonderful thing to feel like a link in a long, beautiful chain made up of an extraordinary history, skills and human adventures? In an age of start-ups, social networks and instant gratification, we are devoted to the long term. To the time needed to create and make beautiful things. The time that strengthens an edifice, sets down roots more deeply in the soil and, above all, the time needed to grow at your own pace, not necessarily fast, but well... to continue the transmission.