Created when two families of ceramicists came together, Revol has seen nine generations of leaders at the helm. Almost born, certainly raised, in the manufacture : Olivier Passot now embodies the destiny of Revol. As its 250th anniversary approaches, he tells its story with pride, finding in its long history the inspiration for modern production with an eye firmly on the future. According to Passot, past achievements are not an end, just experience ton inspire the future.




Brought up near the factory, Olivier remembers visiting his father Bertrand Passot, then in charge, as a very young child. And indeed, it is such childhood recollections and snatches of sensory memory that retain a powerful hold on us and can even be crucial in shaping our destiny.
The familiar smell of the factory environment, the overwhelming heat from its kiln, the dust covering the boy and the smiles of the workers when they saw the probable heir… The atmosphere of the factory was already becoming an integral part of Olivier’s daily life, without him being aware of the role it was going to play in his future.
A few years later, Olivier Passot took the first steps in his career in the industry in a series of different summer roles: as a trainee mould transporter, in casting, and then at the age of 15 making ceramic paste in the mill a few metres away. From these intense apprenticeships, he knows all about the conscientiousness needed for the job, as well as enjoying wonderful memories of being part of a happy team.
And far from feeling forced to take over the firm, it came naturally to Olivier as the result of such positive experiences.



After studying international business, including an internship in the United States, Olivier Passot began his career in a transport company, then went on to work for a large textile group. In 1999, his father summoned him to Revol to work with him on developing the American market. So Olivier joined the family firm and climbed the ranks just like any other employee. Or just about…
At the age of 58, Bertrand Passot was already getting ready to retire and leave the way open for his eldest son. Two years later, in 2007, Olivier took over at the head of the firm, intending to make his mark just as his ancestors did before him.
Tracing the history of the firm, Olivier noted that an appetite for risk was common to all his forebears. All of them understood, in the context of their own time, how to modernise Revol without betraying its fundamental values. Was that the secret to its longevity?