Solstice: the mark of artisans

An homage to the earth, the Solstice collection highlights the cherished roughness and raw sensuality of materials worked by hand. The result of an experimental approach by artisans that is subsequently duplicated in the factory, the collection is a testament to a creative process dear to Revol.



Both docile and capricious, porcelain cedes to the artisan’s hands without ever letting itself be fully mastered. Hence, respect for the material at Revol also takes into account its unpredictable character – and strives to avoid over-working it.



Tests on the imprints left by fabric in porcelain are the basis of the texture that formed the starting point for the Solstice collection. While the initial experiments by artisans quite naturally highlighted the uncertainties of working with porcelain, it was left to the factory’s experts to find a way to make them visible on a grand scale.
First up, the modelling workshop set itself the task of recreating the accident entirely by hand by producing an original piece, the ‘mother of molds’. The machining itself conserved the artisans’ intervention in all stages of manufacture, right up to glazing, where several techniques are tried out to ensure that each piece is unique.



Bringing together creative innovation and traditional savoir-faire, the collection delights gourmets and visual aesthetes alike!