our legacy

1768, the foundation

For a period of time, we believed REVOL was created in 1789. But in fact, history has proved otherwise. Since 1768, 9 generations of the same family have run the company…

We are manufacturers, traders, merchants and master potters from father to son. Everything started in Lyon when Pierre Revol and Magdelene Carrier, who came from two potter families, got married. The Drôme grounds had then very specific properties and offered all the resources needed to create a stronger and more resistant ceramic. The quality of the clays and sand, and more specifically the kaolin deposits, were the main factor in the manufacturing of the first REVOL clay. Pierre and Magdalene didn’t know that they were about to launch a company that would last all those years.

Getting big: reaching industrialization

The REVOL saga was about to start: the 2nd generation of the family opens in 1800 a workshop in Saint-Uze. Soon, the workshop grew into a factory. The company is then specialized in stoneware that is known for being a very resistant material with hygienic properties. The company expands its success and exhibits many times in national fair trades during the second half of the 19th century.

The company entered the twentieth century thanks to Louis Gustave Revol, who transformed the manufacturing process switching from an artisan manufacturing process to a more advanced technology - jiggering and slip casting. But the unforeseen coming of World War II impacted the economy and the factory infrastructures. Despite these difficulties, REVOL developed new markets: bistro business, alcohol and spirits bottles and invested in a new tunnel kiln and production capacities increased!

from the oven to the table

In 1980, the 8th generation, Bertrand Passot (the family name has changed because of marital unions), took the leadership of the company. He began a rigorous restructuring plan: he invested in new machinery and trained the employees. He promoted and enhanced the know-how of the company and decided to improve the quality of REVOL’s clay by refining the firing process.

From that point, the company changed to exclusively manufacturing porcelain and became Revol Porcelain. REVOL conquered the international markets with creations of a culinary range of products that combine both aesthetics and functionality. In 2000 Revol launched the Froissés collection. This little cup is a huge success and it becomes a cult object.

innovation at the heart of REVOL’s strategy

In 2007, Bertrand’s son, Olivier Passot, takes over the company, with the desire to build a strong brand.

Design and communication but more important, innovation (research and development), are at the center of the company’s strategy. Two major launches contribute to the success of Revol in the early 2010: the Basalt range and the Revolution collection Revolution. In June 2014, a new 40 meters long tunnel kiln was opened to allow the company the ambitious growth in France and abroad. Our brand is now marketed in 89 countries on five continents.