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revol porcelain manifesto

The factory and the know-how:

Nine generations of accomplished and passionate artisans and technicians have passed down their skills and love for the craft. Nowadays, numerous stages of our production are still made by hand, safeguarding the precision of the gesture and the beauty of the object. We define ourselves as manufacturers because this is what we do.

We are continually demonstrating technical innovation, creativity and ingenuity. We benefit from ultra-performing production equipment as well as a very sophisticated production process. The ingredients, essential to the manufacture of Revol’s culinary porcelain, are all carefully selected: clay, quartz, feldspar and kaolin are carefully combined in a unique composition called “barbotine.” We are one of the last remaining porcelain makers in France, and one of the few in the world, to make our own clay. This allows us to better adapt it to various manufacturing processes. In our internal design office, and in partnership with outside designers, we design our own models and molds of production.  

Creation is a strong signature across all our pieces

By turning everyday objects into high-quality, design oriented products; we have created new references that have inevitably left their mark on the collective spirit. Who has never encountered the lion heads decorating the soup dishes bearing their name? Who hasn’t served a few glasses from the brown “flammé" pitchers, ubiquitous in 70s and 80s taverns – or more recently, savored a warm drink in one of our crumpled tumblers?

revol porcelain manifesto

revol porcelain manifesto


200 people work at the Saint-Uze factory
7 days a week - 24 hours a day to design, build, cast, glaze, fire, polish, rim, unmold, control, package and expedite products all around the world
89 different countries
To hotels, restaurants, casinos, bistros, independent stores and chain stores across the 5 continents.

This is a mark of authenticity that is unique to REVOL and we are very proud of! It is our legacy.