In REVOL’s history, there have been many iconic pieces including Pernot Ricard’s famous yellow carafe. The company has been popular for the way it identifies the technical restraints of ceramics only to move beyond them.

The sense of creation and reinvention is really strong at REVOL – following artistic and architectural trends, chefs’ ideas, consumer’s habits and also just getting inspiration from the nature around us.

More partnerships with designers have emerged in the past years allowing REVOL to always reinvent something new. Growing old, but looking young and trendy.

Revol's manifesto

The essence of our company is our factory: without the factory, the people, the ideas, inspirations, projects and innovations, we could not exist. Know-how and craftsmanship are at the center of who we are. We have been improving our expertise over the last 2 centuries with passion and perfection. Our manifesto relies on two things: our factory know-how and the commitment we are making to each customer and REVOL user. This manifesto describes the commitments we are marking to our customers and followers around the planet!