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The Mr & Mrs crumpled cups by Revol are perfect to add a touch of romance and humour to your culinary creations. The 8 cl espresso format is ideal for serving coffees and hot drinks of your choice for breakfast, a coffee break or in the lounge. Available in 6 designs, Mr & Mrs, these crumpled cups are great for a gourmet dessert in a Saint Valentine's Day menu. The practical porcelain cups can be used in the oven to make delicious sweet or savoury cakes, soufflés, muffins, tapas or appetisers. They are ideal for the lounge, in buffets, cocktails, at breakfast, on dining tables or on a dessert trolley... This is much more than a simple cup, and can be used in the freezer for iced dishes, and in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. The rest is up to you!

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