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The Crumpled porcelain cups by Revol are perfect for adding a colourful and modern touch to your culinary creations. Their 18 cl format is ideal for serving cappuccinos, mochas, tall coffees, teas and other drinks of your choice for breakfast, a coffee break or other gourmet occasion. Available in 12 colours, these Crumpled cappuccino cups can be endlessly combined for limitless creativity! Practical, easy to use and colourful, they can be used every day to serve your chips, tapas, gratins, sauces or vegetables in an original way. For a brunch, this cappuccino cup can be used for serving sauces or flavourings for yoghurts: muesli, red fruits, hazelnuts, etc. Made of Revol porcelain, these crumpled cups are compatible with the oven and freezer, so you can make delicious sweet and savoury creations such as mug cakes or iced soufflés.

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