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The Revol non-slip mat will provide longer lasting enhancement to your display.

In your gourmet restaurant, the pleasure of the palate must be coupled with a feast for the eyes. Having prepared your most delicious dishes, your aim is to showcase your dishes with your passion for table decoration which plays a large part in your reputation as a haute cuisine chef. Revol accompanies you in this quest not only with its culinary porcelain tableware but also with utensils to ease each task. This non-slip anti-scratch silicone mat can be slipped onto a steel stand or any other slippery surface to steady salad bowls and casserole dishes . It provides optimal grip and its thin layer can barely be seen. And this mat, which is immensely heat resistant (up to +240° C), will also protect your Revol porcelain from any scratches.

The non-slip anti-scratch mat, Revol quality.

  • This food-contact silicone mat resists temperatures reaching 240° C.
  • This mat with optimal grip will be perfect for Revol wire display stands and other slippery surfaces.
  • Extremely thin, this non-slip mat will make itself invisible enough to protect your tableware with the utmost discretion.
  • Used for wedging or steadying, this Revol silicone mat will prevent any spills or misadventures on your buffet.
  • It also protects against scratches on your porcelain tableware.
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