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This cloche holder will enhance your table displays.

Revol has been accompanying chefs for more than 200 years proposing tableware made from culinary porcelain , which has given the brand its fine reputation. Because Revol knows how to adapt to all expections, this cloche holder will have a surprising effect on your gourmet buffet. An elegant solution offering convenience to your clients. The cheese board cloche can easily be hung up to allow your guests to safely help themselves. This strong, steel cloche holder will guarantee a strong stability and avoid any misadventure on your buffet table. Ideal for showcasing your brunches and perfect for impressing your guests, this cloche holder adds a finishing touch with its label holder. The Revol cloche, a small detail which will make all the difference and singularise the most sumptuous gourmet buffet.

The cloche holder, table decoration for client satisfaction.

A Revol cloche will enhance your cocktail tables and other reception displays. The cloche holder designed with Revol expertise will add the finishing touch by tending to the comfort of your clients:

  • The steel cloche holder to showcase your glass cloche and facilitate your service.
  • Strong and elegant, this cloche holder also guarantees a perfect stability and adapts to the most audacious buffet tables.
  • Use the menu label holder and this cloche holder will soon become a must-have among your table decoration.
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