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Bring eminence to your buffet with the set of 3 ash display risers by Revol.

Be it on restaurant table tops or on gourmet buffet tables, your prior concern is to always bring the best to your guests, day after day. Specialists for over 200 years in Revol culinary porcelain takes you on the path to excellence and authenticity. This set of 3 risers will enthrall you, enhance your most delectable dishes and embellish every detail of your display. Made of ash wood, the risers nest together and their different shapes and sizes allow you to play with audacity and creation. Their hexagonal shape is eye-catching and certainly differs from the other tableware to enhance your buffet table. All that remains is for you to create the perfect display, by using either the solid or the hollow part of each display riser.

Nesting display risers; play with consistency to affirm your originality.

Save space on your buffet and brunch tables with these ash trunk display risers and let the authenticity of the solid wood stand out; a noble element just like Revol's culinary porcelain.

  • Set of 3 ash trunk display risers, 3 different sizes which nest together.
  • Play with the shapes and heights, or turn them over and use the hollow part instead.
  • Attractive and welcoming, optimising space on your table, a considerable asset for your display.
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