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Collection: Pekoë



New product

  • The art of tea finally has a dedicated collection thanks to Pekoë from Revol. An on-trend, designer collection for serving this millennial drink.
  • A plate with a winged pattern, imagined and created to ensure stability and comfort of service, but also to improve taste with its capacity to distribute heat
  • A designer plate for ‘Tea Time’, an original creation blending with the other pieces in the collection to give more force and impact to these moments of joy and friendship


Serving and tasting tea is a real art for those that are passionate about it. This tradition from Asia is winning over more and more people, and ‘Tea Time’ has become a definite trend in restaurants. With the Pekoë collection, born out of a meeting of Revol with a talented designer, ‘Tea Time’ becomes a moment of conviviality to treasure. It deserves a full collection of dishes to meet all expectations.

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