Excellence in raw materials: Revol porcelain

The raw materials (clay, quartz, feldspar and kaolin), the essential ingredients in producing porcelain, are painstakingly selected for their purity and exceptional characteristics, then transformed with passion.
REVOL ceramics are also widely celebrated for their numerous technicals assets. They are the ideal material for preserving the qualities of liquids and food. This is a guarantee of perfect food safety.
Our top-of-the-range ceramics are made from natural mineral elements fired at a very high temperature (over 1,320°C). Our porcelain is completely non-porous, opaque and inert.
The exclusive composition and firing at very high temperatures give it unique resistance.
REVOL is one of the few remaining porcelain-makers to produce our own clays and enamels, which means we can adapt our manufacturing processes more easily, pushing back the creative limits and opening up endless possibilities in terms of shapes, textures and colours.

The design

Revol has manufactured legendary pieces such as the celebrated Ricard pitcher, the famous Berger lamp or the iconic crumpled cup. Throughout our history we have won over brands with our capacity to meet their needs.
For several decades now, the company has shown a constant taste and widely-recognised talent for design, putting our manufacturing skills to work on behalf of unique creations.
REVOL is a laboratory of ideas, where technical skill and design are closely linked with permanent innovation as the driving forces.
REVOL brings together passionate collaborators: R&D and quality engineers, model-makers, designers, casters, enamel artists, decorators, who all work to design the clay, colours, shapes and effects that are ever-more avant-garde.
For our partners, this is a guarantee that they will stand out on the market of spirits, candles or perfumes, for example, with premium products.


Porcelain is both docile and capricious, lending itself to the work of craftspeople without ever being totally tamed! At Revol, our respect for the material also involves paying homage to its unpredictable character without smothering it under the force of industry. The expert skills of workers in the workshop make a beautiful human contribution all through the manufacturing process. This contribution continues to the enamelling phase, where several different techniques will be tried out to guarantee the uniqueness of each piece.

Through work on and with the materials and shapes, by adding natural pigments to the clay and the enamel, REVOL provides countless options in terms of finishes and effects. Combined with different techniques of decoration and marking, each creation strongly expresses its unique character. REVOL makes its own natural coloured enamels. This skill provides unique freedom, opening up endless possibilities for creating made-to-measure colours to meet your needs.