Porcelain, Made In France

The history of Revol is first of all a story of people and skills. Since 1768, when the company was founded, 9 generations of owners have taken up the reins at the family firm in the Drôme region of France.
Revol has had its roots for over two centuries in this green, hilly green region at the heart of the Rhone valley, and is deeply anchored in the area and its traditions.
Keeping alive skills handed down by generations of craftsmen since 1768, the company finds a new impetus each day to pursue the adventure and reinvent itself.
These men and women strive to pass on an exceptional passion for their work, providing a unique “soul” to our products.

250 years of skill and excellence

To create exceptional pieces, Revol has always made use of traditional techniques enriched by innovation. Revol's creations, whether resulting from in-house development or partnerships with designers, publishers or brands, have continually expanded the possibilities of the porcelain medium. Ceramics are an endless source of narratives. They are constantly enhanced by the skilled and timeless craftsmanship of qualified artisans, working hand in hand with cutting-edge technologies.
From the design of prototypes to the finished product, including the preparation of the clay and enamel, REVOL controls all the stages of production, so that our response to brands' needs is perfectly adapted.

Quality approach

Quality is at the centre of our preoccupations. Our two-centuries-old skills, our technical heritage, the accuracy of each gesture and our standards in quality are the very foundations of our company. Excellence, more than an end in itself, is our history and our daily life. We try to apply it in all areas, in quality, of course, but also in our approach to innovation, to research, to design, to service and respect for the environment.
We always strive to meet our clients’ exacting needs. To do so, our processes are controlled by a Quality Management System in line with international standards:

  • Control of the properties of raw materials
  • Visual control at each stage of production and control by camera of the inside of bottles
  • In-depth final control of each lot in the laboratory
  • Documented and audited process
  • Performance organised for non-stop improvement

Respect for the environment

REVOL porcelain is made of carefully selected natural mineral materials and contains no dangerous chemicals or heavy metals. This non-porous material is totally inert and will not alter over time. It will not give off any chemical substances and will have no harmful effect on the environment.

At REVOL, we take care to preserve our environment, and have set up an ecologically responsible plan inside the plant and in our sales approach. Recycling industrial water and the heat from our kilns, recycling packaging, treating effluents, make good use of waste products (plaster moulds are recycled to manufacture protective wall plates, cement is made from soil and enamel waste products, etc.), low-energy firing – all investments that help to make REVOL play a role in sustainable development.

REVOL timeless

Pleated, square, squat or filiform, multicolored or monochrome, sophisticated and rustic ... The shapes are as eclectic as the unique raw material! The generous and delightful palette of Revol creations over time is a wonderful example of the creative, decorative or culinary richness that has contributed to the magic of our tables for generations.