Your project

We will be happy to help you in your projects and invent the product to meet your needs.
Since 1768, we have had the great privilege of working with many prestigious brands in search of exceptional porcelain.
Ricard jugs, cups with logos, mug for Valrhona, trays for Perrier, Suze pitchers… our history is rich in memorable promotional items.

Thanks to the creativity of our teams, we can provide you with:
• customisable products as business gifts from our catalogue (logo, branding, designs, etc.)
• made-to-measure creations for your brand items (shapes, sizes, colours, etc.)

From manual production of a few items or machine production for several hundred thousand products, REVOL will adapt to your needs. Tool costs for making ceramic REVOL bottles are relatively low. Besides, we can design and make exclusive, fully customised pieces at competitive prices and for small series.
A unique opportunity to stand out on a hard-fought market.
Please contact us for conditions.


Do you have a project? We will help you make it a reality. Revol puts all its skills, daring and creativity to work on your most adventurous projects. Revol can develop for you and with you exclusive creations to meet even your most extravagant needs, while complying with the strictest technical and aesthetic standards.

Whether your project is ready to be made into a prototype from a CAD file or is only at the idea stage, the creative team will be on hand alongside you to design, shape and make your objects during the manufacturing process. We will take care of your project step by step, from the development of a prototype to the final production. We are totally invested in the different projects you entrust us with and strive to make products to suit your image with creativity and high standards.

We meet even the most adventurous requests with made-to-measure creations in line with your wishes and with a single inspiration: our customers.


All the products in our catalogue can be customised. We can add your logo, a special design or colour… At our dedicated workshop we can include your brand on our products. A gift is a sign of consideration and recognition, a tool for your image and your communications. This is why at Revol we go out of our way to make each product a timeless and fulfilling object to convey our values.
Marketing operations, events, incentives, loyalty programmes… for any occasion, make sure you give a unique gift, 100 % made in France.