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Braised boneless beef short ribs by A Cook’s Canvas
Braised boneless beef short ribs by A Cook’s Canvas

Check out this delicious recipe ! A great idea for tonight's dinner or next dinner with friends.

FOCUS on serving platters
FOCUS on serving platters

It is nice to serve your dish, no matter if it's home made or not, in a nice platter. We offer several options based on your style, look and usage. 

The Worldof Revol

Every piece of REVOL you buy illuminates a piece of the history, know-how and compassion that will demonstrate what makes us different as a manufacturer and what our values are.

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Made in france

Since 1768, REVOL porcelain is a family owned-business that has developed a very unique expertise in manufacturing culinary porcelain in Saint-Uze, France. We invite you to discover some of the secrets of this exceptional longevity...

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