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Tajine induction ceramic cookware black 3.75QT

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This ceramic Tajine is part of the REVOLUTION 2 collection. The lid is made of black porcelain with a white glazed top.  The base of the tajine is white, wide and shallow. It can contain up to 3.75QT which makes it a perfect dish by itself and it can be used as a cake pan (see recipes in our Tips and Recipes section). The Tajine with or without the lid allows you to cook, simmer, roast and bake anything in the stove (induction and electric) and in the oven. The conical shape of the lid makes the cooking process different as it allows the steam from the food to condensate, drop back in the dish and tender your food, which is a especially effective technique when it comes to preparing meats and stews. This is the only porcelain Tajine in the market: despite stoneware or earthenware, this ceramic is the strongest material; it is non-porous and 100% food safe. It is also the only Tajine that you can use in every heat source! And it is dishwasher safe like every other REVOL product. Try it now!

Revolution is definitely the best ceramic cookware and tajines you can find in the market, and will last for years.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Tajine recipes, stews, couscous, Mediterranean dishes 

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Revolution is the best ceramic cookware you can find in the market. Made of 100% ceramic, this dutch oven is the best ceramic nonstick cookware and the safest. Here is what you need to know about REVOLUTION

  • VERSATILE AND PRACTICAL: this Dutch oven is for an everyday use since with one dish it can be used in every heat source including induction, stovetop, electrical unit, oven and microwave
  • DURABLE AND RESISTANT: revolution is very light (half the weight of cast iron) but very resistant at the same time. Does not scratch. Does no rust.
  • SAFE AND FOOD FRIENDLY: REVOLUTION is made of natural mineral materials. Free of chemicals and heavy metals. Does not absorb grease or odors. Perfect for a healthy cooking for you and your family!
  • EASY CARE: dishwasher safe, naturally non-stick.
  • A MUST HAVE: perfect for preparing, simmering, baking, and presenting your recipes in a single dish.
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