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Crumpled espresso cup caribbean blue

New product

This small, whimsical Caribbean blue coffee mug is made of porcelain and looks like someone smashed a solo cup… Glazed by hand in our factories and used by people all around the world, this coffee cup or muffin mold, depending on how you will use, is available in two sizes and many other colors. Made to last, the tumbler is made of porcelain so it is 100% natural. It is the ultimate recycled cup and has no negative impact on the environment! 
Use it as a gift, or for cake creations. Be creative and mix and match colors and recipes! 

You can also find much more sizes in a large assortment of colors of Crumple !

Only available in espresso size - 2.75oz

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Serve espresso, molten chocolate cake, small crumbles, cremes, frozen deserts

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