We take the utmost care to manufacture and bring our customers the best quality. All items are carefully inspected at the factory, and before shipping. Please note damage can be mistaken with the result of hand craftsmanship.

We are pleased to provide a LIFETIME warranty on our REVOLUTION cocottes. Damage not caused by normal wear enters the scope of that warranty and we will happily replace your product. Please contact our customer service (sales@revol-usa.com) and provide us with answers (see below) and pictures of damage, and refer to the returns & exchange section.

At REVOL, we stand by our products that we have proudly manufactured since 1768. Should you think your product is damaged, please contact our customer service. We will study your request with the highest attention and will replace the product, insofar as a cause exterior to normal wear is established.

When you contact the customer service, please provide the following information:

  • When and where did you buy your REVOL dish and how long have you been using it?
  • What did you do this time before the piece broke (describe the usage and circumstances and attach pictures). 
  • What happened? 
  • Anything you did was unusual?
  • How do you usually use the dish (straight to hot oven, preheat in oven, all room temperature, freezer to oven)?
  • Where and how is this dish stored?

If the product was not used properly (for example a product indicated as not safe for the stove was used on the stove), we will not be able to replace the product.

If the product was used properly:

  • If the dish was purchased with one of our retailers:
    • less than 2 years: we will recommend you contact the retailer directly
    • more than 2 years: please address the issue with us and we will address the issue the best we can
  • If the dish was purchased directly via this website: we will replace the product on our website FOC

Your satisfaction is our main concern.